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DeLorean Car Show
2012 Orlando, Florida

This show was in sunny Orlando Florida!
Disc 1 begins with an interview with Manson Cheung, lead designer at Mattel’s Hot Wheels line and talks about making some of our favorite little silver cars and other toys.
Next we learn about DMC Quality Control from Rick Aragon, then Stephen Wynne and Tony Ierardi from Delorean Motor Company.
DMC Public Relations Mike Knepper tells us about his time at the company.
Nick Sutton crosses the ocean again to visit and tells stories from the DMC Plant.
Kathryn DeLorean tells us some stories about her Dad.
Rich Weissensel fills us is on his current projects and the DeLorean Limousine.
Joe Lambert shows off the new stainless steel DMC Bicycle.
Tony Ierardi returns with a special announcement with Cliff Schmucker.
Disc 2 celebrates BACK TO THE FUTURE, starting with Don Fullilove (who played “Mayor Goldie Wilson) followed by special effects supervisor
Kevin Pike. Car collector Bill Shea talks about acquiring one of the screen used Delorean Time Machines from BTTF-III, then his son Patrick gives us a tour of the car.
Bob Gale, co-writer and producer of BTTF comes on stage with other cast and crew (Claudia Wells, Jeffrey Weissman, Don Fullilove, Andrew Probert, Kevin Pike)
to answer questions from the fans.
Bob returns to the stage with the ”Time Machine Restoration Team” (Joe Walser, Terry Matalas and J Ryan) to talk about restoring the hero “A” car
Delorean Time Machine from Back to the Future.
This is a great DVD for both Delorean and BTTF Fans!!!

2-DVD Discs,  TRT: 4 Hours, 6 Minutes
Color / Stereo / 16:9 Widescreen

$20 + Free Shipping

$20 + $25 Shipping


DeLorean Car Show
2010 Lexington, KY

Ken Koncelik once again brings us another great gathering of our favorite stainless steel gullwinged sports car along with the fans of the Bricklin SV1
who also brought some of their cars for display along side the Deloreans.
In this 2 dvd set, meet Delorean fans and see some of the modern modifications that serious fans do to their Deloreans.
Special guest speakers include dmc factory workers and employees such as Nick Sutton, Neal Barclay and the famous “pogs” (Jeff Synor & Chris Duvall) who had to
do a lot of last minute repairs to the cars as they arrived from Ireland.
For all you “Back to the Future” fans we have special presentations from special effects supervisor Kevin Pike and storyboard artist Andrew Probert.
Bob Gale, co-writer of the film shares some great stories about the film.

$20 + Free Shipping

$20 + $25 Shipping

DeLorean / Bricklin Car Show
2008 Gettysburg

For the first time the DeLorean Car Show merges with BRICKLIN INTERNATIONAL
at DCS 2008 in historic Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.
This two disc DVD set runs 3 1/2 hours and features stock and custom DeLorean's and Bricklin's
with interviews with the owners and car customizers.
Disc one features an exlusive interview with car maker MALCOLM BRICKLIN as he
explains his experience with John Z. DeLorean at the birth of his car company.
Other guest speakers include DMC factory employees George Crane,
Neale Barclay, Nick Sutton and Ben Byrd as they tell stories and answer questions.

Meet stars from the film BACK TO THE FUTURE such as writer of the movie BOB GALE,
Claudia Wells, James Tolkan and Jeffrey Weissman.
See and hear about lost and deleted scenes from the movie with storyboard artist ANDREW PROBERT.

For the first time ever, see not one but two customized electric DeLorean conversions in detail!
See the worlds only mirror polished DeLorean!
See a $75,000 one of a kind customized Bricklin!
See someone win a raffle DeLorean!
See the DeLorean's and Bricklin's face off in a giant car show, meet vendors and much more!!!!

$20 + Free Shipping
$20 + $25 Shipping

DeLorean Car Show 2006
Pheasant Run, Chicago

The DeLorean Car Show 2006 at the Pheasant Run Resort in Chicago features an in depth look at the first DeLorean ever made, Prototype 1.
Hear from Bill Collins who built the car, Sacha Skucek (Editor of DW Magazine) who discovered the lost car and Tony Ireardi who restored it.
See the car take a historical and emotional drive out of the building!
Special guests include John Z. DeLorean’s daughter Kathryn, Actors from the film “Back To The Future” James Tolken, Claudia Wells and Jeffrey Weissman.
In depth interviews with DeLorean owners and how they customized their cars into one of a kind works of art!
Hear stories and Q&A with the man responsible for getting the DMC factory built, Dixon Hollinshead.
Enjoy a compilation of some of the cars and vendors on display and the antics of the show including the dunking booth!
Disc two features the car show awards and review with judge Knut Grimsrud and a special presentation by trophy builder Bill Miller.
This video will be a great addition to your archive of the DeLorean car and it’s place in history!
2-DVD Discs,  TRT: 3 hours 39 minutes Color / Stereo / 4:3 Standard
Copyright 2008, Produced by Videobob Moseley, RCM MEDIA

$20 + Free Shipping
$20 + $25 Shipping

DeLorean Car Show 2004
Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

Attention all Delorean owners and Back to the Future fans!

If you missed the biggest Delorean Car Show ever that was held in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee 2004

you are probably kicking yourself right now!

Now you can see what you missed with this 4 hour DVD video set!
There is over 4 hours of footage on these two discs!
You will see candid interviews and speeches with pillars of the Delorean community such as:
John Hervey, Curtis Bryant, Rich Weissensel, Ron Wester, Stephen Wynne, Kyle Franklin,
Don Stegar, Jim Prentice, Rob Grady, Fred Dellis, Kathryn Delorean, Claudia Wells, Jeffery Weissman and Bob Gale name a few!
If you are a hardcore BTTF fan, you will love to hear BOB GALE, the writer of BTTF
talk about making the movie and some really great moments that you will NOT hear about on any video!
There is a lot of great stuff on this disc!
You get TWO DVD's with FOUR HOURS of video!

$20 + Free Shipping
$20 + $25 Shipping

DSC Pigeon Forge Car Show DVD (PART 2)

This is a 3 1/2 hour supplemental DVD follow up to the car show series.
This is an un-edited, uncut, raw behind the scenes version that shows the complete
goings on of the raffle drawing for the DeLorean give away, and all of the awards presentations
including the vendor give away items and the charity auction at the end of the night
with Jeffrey Weissman and Claudia Wells where some lucky gent actually won
her car and dinner with her in Hollywood!
The video ends with Bob Gale and others signing autographs and more!
This is a great DVD for those who were there and even better for those who could'nt make it.
It is fun to watch if you are either a DeLorean fan, or a Back To The Future fan!

* This video is a DVD-R, Region 1, USA, NTSC format.
Becasue there is over 3 and a half hours of video on this single disc, the video was recorded at
a lower than normal bitrate causing the video to be of a slightly lower quality than normal.
This video would be compared to VHS by today's standards.

$10 + Free Shipping
$10 + $25 Shipping

DMCH Open House 2005

This is a 2 1/2 hour DVD that features the first and only Prototype 1 DeLorean and interviews
with the current owner, Tony Ireardi of the DMC Florida and a speech by the man
who was responsible for getting it made, Bill Collins who shares a slide show and stories.
Next, take a complete guided tour of the facilities of DeLorean Motor Company Houston with vide president James Espey
and follow up with a tech session on repairing stainless steel body panels and see how DMCH refurbishes cars on
a guided tour with president Stephen Wynne.
Other clips include people's choice award winner Ron Wester and his
"Screaming yellow D" and matching trailer, and hear from Shannon Birdwell who owns
the winning raffle car from the Pigeon Forge Car Show in 2004.
This is a great video for DeLorean fans!
CLICK HERE to download a teaser!

* This video is a DVD-R, Region 1, USA, NTSC format.
Becasue there is over 3 and a half hours of video on this single disc, the video was recorded at
a lower than normal bitrate causing the video to be of a slightly lower quality than normal.
This video would be compared to VHS by today's standards.

$15 + Free Shipping
$15 + $25 Shipping

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