The purpose and mission of the Dallas / Fort Worth Delorean Motor Club
is to preserve and promote the memory of the Delorean sports car and to keep it in the public eye of the Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas area.
Many car collectors have chosen to keep and store these wonderful cars in garages, storage facilities and even museums.
Although we are grateful that there are those who are dedicated to keeping these cars in mint condition we feel that unless people
get to see them, the memory is and value is lost.

We strive to show our cars to fans every chance we get by not only taking them to special events,
but by using them as our everyday cars as often as possible.

Fans of the "Back To The Future" movie series, and older fans who appreciate the unique styling and rich history of this amazing vehicle
always get a kick out of seeing the car in an everyday situation.
Everytime that door swings up people's heads turn in amazement and wonder.
The exitment in a childs eyes the first time they see this car, or the way that a fan of the car who has never seen it in person is always a thrill.

If you have an event that would benifit in having a few Delorean's appear please contact us to make arrangements.
We would be happy to attend, show our cars and answer questions.