DMC Open House 2005

Before I went to the reception Friday night, I stopped by my good friend Paul Wilkins shop
where he builds Lamborghini replicas as well as repairs on the real cars.
Here I am sitting in a 2005 Lamborghini Diablo 6.0 - NICE.

First thing I saw when pulling into the hotel parking lot was this yellow monster.
you can't miss this car!
This is Ron Wester's "Screaming Yellow D".

The matching trailer is totally amazing.
I talked to Ron about it and it does in fact have real fenders, hood and front fascia.
The rear is totally fabricated and it is all mounted on a cut off front clip of a real pontoon.
Totally awesome!

Everyone needs one of these.

The next morning, Saturday at DMCH.
(yes, I am wearing a KILT)

Sometimes wearing a KILT attracts a lot of attention.
I like to be low key and keep a low profile myself, but I usually have a spot light on me.

The photo above is of a one of a kind true legend,
something so amazing and fantastic that words can not describe.
The DeLorean Prototype-1 is also in the background!

Check out the tunes.
Craig tape deck with equalizer.
The non-working buttons are what they use on video mixers!

Emergency brake in operation.

I really like this leather headliner and the way it is cut.
It looks really heavy duty.

I really dig this heavy brown shag carpet.
Nothing says 70's like shag.

Notice the single striker in the center of the door.

Fuse box exposed.

Here's a photo I bet no one got.... this is under the passenger dash showing
the 72 WATT Craig PowerPlay Audio Booster Amp.
Can you feel the kick?

What a nice deep trunk.
I guess you have extra room when you put the fuel in the CONSOLE - DOH!

Speaking of fuel, check out the sneaky fuel location!

Believe it ot not, the tiny Citroen 4 cylinder engine would actually and most
likely kick our PRV's ass when considering how light this proto is compared to the production version.
Around 2200 pounds I am told.!

Super deep rear fascia.


Who's the cat with the chops?
That's the REAL "DMCVEGAS" beeotch.

"Mount PRV"
A giant wall of new engines.

The next night at dinner was fun,
Harvey (Vanilla Thunder) actually ate this crap.

Lawn trimmings with goat cheese pucks.
I am not much of a salad man, to me "salad" is the other crap they put on my burger.
This was awful.
I noticed the waiter picking up a lot of full plates.

Here I am posing with my winnings from the raffle.
A copy of AutoWeek announcing the DeLorean.
The handsome cat standing next to me is Jerry Williamson
He is the one driving the car in the photo and gave us a great slide show
during dinner.

Here I am posing with the actual spade used in the ground breaking ceremony.

Dixon Hollinshead
was Instrumental in turning the 90+ acre green field site into one of the
world's most advanced automobile factories in just two years
I could use this around the house.